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It is my belief that we can always grow and heal no matter what stage of life we are in.  It is my desire to come alongside those interested in engaging themselves in that process. We all have the tremendous capacity to expand and develop especially when we understand ourselves and our experiences. Therapy is the opportunity to digest and work through life as we know it. 

I bring experience from a multitude of cultures through my travels and social concerns with my outreach and advocacy background.  I work with adults, individuals, teens, couples and families to enhance their quality of life through education, encouragement, tools and partnership.

About Me


Specializing in Trauma Treatment, Anxiety & Depression in Adults and Teens and Couples Therapy


It can be manageable sometimes and others its debilitating. There are many ways to work with anxiety, it will be part of our work together to find out what relieves you. It may come from a deep seeded idea or based on current dynamic.


If you are ready to enhance your intimate partner relationship let's do it. It could be to fine tune some basic skills, to understand your relationship history, to strength your bond to prevent separation and divorce or to navigate the empty nest stage. If you have been together a short amount of time, 50 years or anything in between let's look at how to develop wherever you are.  


Sadness, difficulty functioning, loss of enjoyment... it can be brief, short term, post partum or most of a lifetime.  We can create a timeline and understand you symptoms. We will navigate the best treatment for you to make living a little easier each session.

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Everyone has experienced trauma but yours could be effecting you at your core and/or in your basic functioning. Whether a one time car accident, an ugly divorce, or abuse as a child or adult we will talk about integrating EMDR or ImTT to resolve your trauma without discussing every detail. 


They can be our greatest joy and our biggest challenge. Relationships to kids, kids who become adults, friendships, extended family pressures... Where do you find yourself in these relationships? Whether you have grown apart, want something different there is so much we can discover.


Whether academic or athletic pressure is knocking down your teen's confidence or creating anxiety, teens need an outlet that allows them to discover their needs and establish tools to provide stability to them through high school and beyond.

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