**COVID-19 Statement and Update to Services** 


It has always been of highest value to me to facilitate your mental health and well-being as a whole person. In order to ensure continuity of care, while also making best efforts to keep clients physically healthy, I will be transitioning to Clocktree, a HIPAA compliant virtual therapy platform. 

It is my belief that we can always grow and heal no matter what stage of life we are in.  It is my desire to come alongside those interested in engaging themselves in that process. We all have the tremendous capacity to expand and develop especially when we understand ourselves and our experiences. Therapy is the opportunity to digest and work through life as we know it. 

I bring experience from a multitude of cultures through my travels and social concerns with my outreach and advocacy background.  I work with adults, individuals, teens, couples and families to enhance their quality of life through education, encouragement, tools and partnership.

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Amanda Goletto, MA, MFT

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