Specializing in Trauma Treatment, Anxiety & Depression in Adults and Teens and Couples Therapy

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression could be a new diagnosis or one that has isolated your life for an extended period of time. Along with providing tools to help break down the fear or panic of anxiety or the thoughts or messages of depression, EMDR/IMTT are big components in helping practice healthy habits to change your life.

Adolescent Therapy

For almost 14 years I have had the joy of providing treatment to teens. My goal is to provide treatment that will examine the root causes that teens face during this always on but disconnected culture they are in. In examining their anxiety, depression, social pressures…. It is important to use a holistic approach of earning trust, developing goals, examining patterns, physical health and brain chemistry. It is my goal to be present for the young adults with various treatment approaches that could include CBT, DBT, solution focused, attachment theory and EMDR/IMTT. 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a big commitment but a necessary step for those wanting to preserve, further develop or save their connection.  In order for couples to find more favorable outcomes, treatment is a weekly commitment.  My style incorporates both Gottman and attachment theory to provide a structured process-oriented process.


Relationships require work, and often times we are our own worst enemy.  It is such an incredible process looking deeper into the ways we communicate, build relationships, experience life, and form ourselves into our communities. Together we unpack your concerns about your relationship and look at what patterns and needs you have to create more secure, honest, and meaningful connections with family, friends, and your community.


Trauma informed practice and treatment is the core of what I provide all patients. In the last 20 years I have served minority and marginalized communities and feel a special calling to provide treatment to those who may be suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns due to untreated trauma. Regular weekly treatment is an essential way to provide consistent and foundational therapy to then weave in EMDR/IMTT for brain and body healing.